Venice Beach boardwalk sports fun, relaxation

Campus Times
March 10, 2000

by Deanna Reyes
Staff Writer

Many are guilty of saying those four little words. That sentence that truly reveals our boredom of sitting at home watching television all day, and mastering that whiny tone of voice that goes along with the complaint, "There's nothing to do!"

Well, let's be honest-California is a place where the weather rarely gets below 70 degrees where people can be seen walking around sporting shorts in the middle of January. It only takes about 40 minutes to reach a beautiful beach where one can escape the dullness for a day. People may ask, "Well where is this wonderful place?" The answer: Venice Beach.

Venice Beach, located west on the 10 Freeway only 45 minutes away, offers a variety of fun things to do and see along the strip.

On Ocean Front Walk there are many unique shops to leisurely. In the Venice Beach Bikini Store, one can shop for cute swimsuits to flounce around the beach in. Almost anything one's heart desires can be found at Venice Beach. Handmade jewelry, incense, sarongs, groovy beaded curtains, sunglasses and clothing at low prices are just a few of the many bargains.

The Ocean Bay Company sells "beach inspired" clothing that ranges from $16 and up. For those who have a more sophisticated style, The Seahorse clothing store offers antique looking clothes such as skirts, dresses and shawls with embroidered designs. Men's apparel can be found at House of Fly, which offers a variety of pants and T-shirts at discount prices.

While strolling along the boardwalk, there is plenty to keep visitors entertained outside the stores. People can watch artists as they create their masterpieces, have a picture taken with a large reptile for only $7 or gaze at the man who creates sand sculptures on the sidewalk.

For those who are daring, tattoo parlors and body piercing shops are also located on the promenade. Buzzabomb Tattoo offers a wide selection of black and color tattoos to choose from, as well as body piercing services. Piercing prices begin at $35 and go up depending on what is pierced. If one is scared of needles or does not wish to have a permanent work of art, henna tattoo booths are located almost every hundred feet. Henna tattoos, which last up to 20 days, cost around $8-10, depending on size.

When hunger causes a stomach to growl, one will not have to look far for a variety of good food. At NY Pizza, a slice only costs 99 cents, and a piece of pizza with a drink costs $2.50.

A more pricey restaurant, Figtree's Cafe, serves healthy, organic food such as pasta, fish and salads, but is also tempting with its intriguing chocolate raspberry mousse cake. Charly Temmel's serves appetizing homemade ice cream in flavors such as blueberry, hazelnut and New York cheesecake.

Venice Beach is probably most well-known for its Muscle Beach and Venice Beach Recreation Center. At Muscle Beach, one can tone up by working out on a variety of gym equipment, and with the outside location, be in the spotlight of an audience.

The Venice Beach Recreation Center houses approximately 12 basketball courts for your enjoyment. Basketball enthusiasts can reenact the opening scene from "White Men Can't Jump," since it was filmed on those courts back in 1992.

Venice Beach offers a wide variety of activities everyone can enjoy. So next time those four little words want to sneak out, jump in the car with friends and head off to Venice instead.