ASF sponsors bowling, rolls strike at lanes

Campus Times
April 14, 2000

photo by Naoko Yokota

Approximately 255 University of La Verne students attended the Bowling Night sponsored by the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum. The Tuesday night event had music and karaoke and was held at Chaparral Lanes in San Dimas. At one point in the evening ULV occupied all of the alley's lanes.

by Deanna Reyes
Staff Writer

University of La Verne's annual Bowling Night took place Tuesday, bringing free fun to students.

Bowling Night usually takes place during Homecoming festivities, but the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum, which organized and sponsored the event, held it off until the second semester.

Bowling Night, held at Chaparral Lanes in San Dimas, received a larger turnout than anticipated, with approximately 255 students and guests in attendance. For ULV students admission was free, but if students brought a guest there was a $5 charge.

"I think it's cool when ASF puts on activities like this that bring all the students together," said freshman Cori Padilla.

The event, which was publicized as beginning at 8 p.m., did not start until 9 p.m.

Tom Chambers, vice president of activities said the event was delayed because the bowling league that was playing there went 45 minutes over their scheduled time.

Since the original time ULV had reserved had been pushed back an hour, the Chaparral Lanes management allowed the activity to continue an extra hour, ending at 1 a.m.

"I don't think the time change effected the turnout," said Chambers. "I think it went really well; students really respond to the bowling."

When the lights finally went out at 11 p.m., cosmic bowling began, complete with black lights and music. The night featured a 1970s theme, and students were encouraged to dress in seventies attire. A few daring individuals went all out in bell bottoms and tie-dyed shirts.

"Bowling is always a fun event because the whole school gets together to have fun with one another," said junior Manny Escalante.

The night did not go completely off without a hitch. Although students 21-years-old and over were given yellow wristbands in order to buy alcoholic beverages, several underage students were caught drinking and asked by security to leave the premises.

"[The only thing] I don't appreciate is the fact that some students take advantage of the night and get drunk when they are under 21," said ASF President Frank Tolentino. "The only thing I would like to request from the students is to please respect yourself and us by not drinking underage. We all represent the University of La Verne."

Chambers said despite this incident, he feels the night was fun for students and was an overall success.

ASF is currently planning a variety of activities in the near future to promote school involvement and awareness.