Residential Life acquires new faces

Campus Times
April 14, 2000

photo by Natalie Fowle

Sophomores Stacey Mleczko and Ross Mathews have been asked to share the position of head resident assistant. This is the first time in four years that Housing and Residential Life has attempted to hire two people for the job. Mlezko will be placed in Brandt Hall and Matthews will reside at the Red Roof Inn.

by Mike Lawson
Staff Writer

Students at the University of La Verne recently had the opportunity to receive a $500 scholarship as well as free room and board.

The office of Housing and Residential Life has chosen next year's resident assistants (R.A.) and program assistants (P.A.). Half of the new staff consists of returning R.A.s, which, according to Sarah Strauhal, resident coordinator in the office of Housing and Residential life, "is exciting because it shows that they had a good experience and they are willing to come back."

Luke Wagner, a freshman, said he thinks most R.A.s have a good experience. Wagner is a current R.A. at the Red Roof Inn. Next year he will undergo a transition as an R.A. in the Oaks Housing Complex. "It's a fun chance to meet a lot of different people," he said.

The application process began with interested students filling out an application. Students find out about the recruitment in different ways. "I just saw a poster and decided to apply," said sophomore Katrina Tronnes.

Tronnes and her roommate applied together during spring semester last year. Tronnes is currently an R.A. for the Stu-Han residential hall. Next year she will be at the Red Roof Inn.

Freshman Sokhon Pok said that he decided to apply for the position after he met and discussed the position with some of the current R.A.s.

After filling out the applications, students have a group interview with about 15 of their peers. "I was scared, but I had a lot of fun," said Pok about the group interview. Returning members do not go through the group interview; they skip to the private interview.

The private interview is a meeting between the person who applied and the housing and residential staff.

Next year's staff, according to the guidelines enforced by the office of housing and residential life, must be mature and assertive. Plus, R.A.s and P.A.s should have experience with student leadership as well as a 2..5 cumulative grade point average.

R.A.s for the next year are Freshmen Yvonne Lara, and Steve Franklin, junior Falone Serna and sophomore Leah Medina in the Brandt Residence Hall. Junior Laura Quintana and freshmen Erin Davis and Jennifer Davis will be in Stu-Han Residence Hall. Sophomore Ryan Scott-Acost, freshmen Jared Landaker, and Josh Hannon and Tronnes will be at the Red Roof Inn. Sophomore Tiffany Miller, junior Kephyan Sheppard, freshmen Brandon Pollard and Wagner will be at the Oaks Residence Hall.

P.A.s will be junior Jonathan Johnson and freshman Sokon Pok.

All of these students will be restricted to a 16-unit course load, one night class and a maximum of 15 hours per week of outside activities such as a job, a sport, a club or a Greek organization.

The responsibilities are numerous. R.A.s handle the majority of floor conflicts, respond to personal and medical emergencies, and uphold and enforce all policies of the residence hall. Plus, they are responsible for filling out paperwork, meeting deadlines and managing budgets.

Each R.A. and P.A. is required to participate in a two-week intensive training program that starts in mid-August.

"The training teaches R.A.s and P.A.s about resources on campus, counseling techniques and how to build community in the halls," Strauhal said.

Last year, training was three weeks long. However, this year the length has been shortened to two weeks.

R.A.s and P.A.s are also required to participate in monthly in-service training and a spring retreat. In addition to job responsibilities and training, R.A.s and P.A.s are required to participate in all LEAD program activities such as socials, team-building activities, conferences, workshops and meetings.