Campus Times
May 5, 2000

photos by Natalie Fowle

(Left): Jeremy Collins, a senior, was one of four student conductors. Heather Quintana, Nina Pham, Lori Armenta, Kristine Gustilo, Alison Fanning, Dayita Datta, Leanne McKown, April Shenkmen, Natalie Ganther, Sharon Gavin, Erika Weiner, Jessica Wotherspoon, Pam Foryph and Chastity Archer have worked on these songs for about three weeks. (Right): Senior Tom Moose was one of the students who volunteered to conduct the choir. This African Freedom song is called "Siyahambayo," and was one of the last student conducted songs of the year. The performance was part of the Peace Fair.

Professor leaves knowledge, legacy

Dr. Rhoda Kachuck retires after 28 years of teaching literature at ULV.

Graduation marshals flare up commencement

The University announces its 2000 Grad Marshals.

Knowles brings acclaim to University

Sophomore Ryan Knowles is a powerhouse on the national debate circuit.