Campus Times
May 19, 2000

photo by Natalie Fowle

Senior Eddie Casarez and sophomore David Rojas field question and concerns of the Marriott housekeeping staff on May 12. Marta Garcia, accompanied by her two children Yunior and Roberto and her coworkers Leonor López and Gloria Carrillo are part of the housekeeping staff who want a change in their working environment.

Top Stories

Marriott to find new management

ULV's housekeeping contractor responds to student concerns over working conditions.

ULV tuition will increase for 2000-01 year

Students can expect a 5 percent increase in tuition costs next year.



SMI fund raises level of experience

The Student Management Investment Fund offers business students real-world experience.

Board increases salaries for ULV faculty, staff

The University's professors and employees will be seeing raises for the 2000-2001 school year.

Students accept leadership positions

The Communications Department announces its new student leaders for the Campus Times, La Verne Magazine and KULV.

Sabbatical not just a vacation

Next year's faculty sabbatical recipients share their plans for research projects.

Student faces lawsuit for car repairs

When freshman Traci Caswell asked for a refund from a local mechanic, the last thing she expected was a law suit and the involvement of KCBS' consumer advocate.

Fate of orange spaces determined

After much discussion, the city and the University agree not to change the public parking arrangement in the Wilson Library parking lot.

Preparations made for Commencement Day

The University community gears up for the 108th annual graduation exercises.

Video yearbook to capture memories

The Office of Student Affairs replaces the traditional Lambda yearbook with a video/CD-ROM version.

Book travels on intellectual journey

Dr. Bill Cook, vice president of academic affairs, authors the historical memoir, "A Time to Know."

Awards honor employees for time, dedication

The Annual Service Awards recognize ULV's faculty and staff for their committment.