Campus Times
September 15, 2000

photos by Elizabeth Lucsko

(Above) Resident Advisors Angela Perry and Fiona Cater, Campus Safety Officer Laura Velasquez, Area Coordinator Julie Hurst and La Verne Police Officer Ramzi discuss the vandalism that took place in the Stu-Han dorms. (Below) Residents voiced concerns ranging from security precautions to prevention of another occurrence. During the sunrise hours on Sept. 10, residents at Stu-Han residence halls awoke to find their lobby and recreation areas vandalized. The cost of the vandalism has yet to be determined. Eight residents worked to turn the pool table upright. Many residents volunteered many hours to clean up the mess.

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Colby creates visionary Convocation

ULV's 109th academic year kicks off with an inspirational address by Gary S. Colby, professor of photographer.

Trustee Richard Romero remembered after death

The successful local businessman and Board of Trustees member dies.

Orientation unites ULV community

New La Verne students get a taste of ULV life through annual orientation activities.