Campus Times
September 29, 2000

photo by Denisse Villalba

The City of La Verne Police Department conducted a DUI and License checkpoint at the corner of Wheeler Avenue and Arrow Highway, Saturday. Det. Gary Mason and Officer Steve Deluca were handing out pamphlets on traffic violations. The checkpoint, staffed from 12:30 to 10 p.m., checked 982 cars by 4:15.

Top Stories

Leopards set to 'Rumble in Jungle'

ULV gears up for the 2000 Homecoming festivities.

Student elections fill vacant positions

A group of students are elected to the ASF Forum in a variety of positions, including secretary, freshman representative and transfer representative.



Diversified changes to Liberal Studies

The School of Education changes the name of its flagship undergraduate program.

Venturini appointed interim director of CDC

The Career Development Center comes under the leadership of Laura Venturini.

Police investigate Stu-Han vandalism

LVPD follows up on the Sept. 10 incident in the woman's residence hall.

Students to test drive new program

Student affairs adds commuter program assistants to its staff.

Endowment fund at 'healthy level'

ULV now boasts a $30.5 million endowment fund.

Two lots to be completed soon

Two new parking lots near the Oaks residence hall are nearing completion.

ULV gains new Catholic minister

Sister Margaret Devlin joins the Campus Ministry program.

OIT provides faster, efficient computer support

The Management Information Systems and Academic Computing Services departments merge to become the Office of Information Technology.

WASC reports University's strengths, weaknesses

The University's accreditation report is released.

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