Campus Times
October 13, 2000

photo by Liz Lucsko

Casino high rollers Steven Lau, Dan Le, Michael Irons, Christopher Miyasaki, Will Lawson and Sander Chau attended the annual Monte Carlo Night on Tuesday in suits and leather.

Top Stories

Ethernet may be equipped in Oaks

A group of students is petitioning the administration for network access in the residence hall.

New print cards provide hassle-free printing

The Office of Information Technology institutes a new print card policy in the campus computer labs.



Drug agency releases RU486

The campus community speaks out on the FDA's approval of the abortion drug RU486.

Institute educates ULV students

The newly-reorganized Institute for Multicultural Research and Campus Diversity offers an expanded menu of services to La Verne students.

Book centers on Italian Americans

English professor Kenneth Scambray authors a tome on the Italian experience in North America.

Iota Delta builds new Internet website

The sorority establishes its online presence.

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