Campus Times
October 27, 2000

photos by Natalie Fowle

Top: After speaking in Founders Hall, Sarah Weddington joined students Stephanie Stone, Mario Guerrero, Anna Roy and Chris Arbizu in listening as the debate team reviewed her remarks. Bottom: Following Weddington's speech on Tuesday, the ULV debate team, consisting of Stefan Chacon, Director of Forensics Ian Lising, Justin Jones Rodriguez and Ryan Knowles, argued the issues on overturning Roe vs. Wade. Weddington was the attorney who argued for Roe.

Top Stories

Ralph Nader speaks at Claremont

The maverick presidential candidate brings his campaign to the local area.

Break-ins require caution

A rash of auto burglaries puts the campus on alert.



Roe vs. Wade lawyer visits ULV

Attorney Sarah Weddington shares her historic past with a capacity crowd in Founders Auditorium.

Pre-registration brings new processes

The Registrar's Office extends the pre-registration period for the January and spring 2001 terms.

Election 2000 Coverage

Presidential candidates, platforms: More than Republicans, Democrats

A look at the seven political parties on the state's presidential slate.

Professors discuss Election 2000

ULV's history and political science faculty members debate the national races.

Campus Comment: What is your opinion of the presidential candidates and who do you plan to vote for?

Chi Delta seeks official recognition

A new fraternity seeks to become an official member of ULV's Greek system.

Campus Ministry holds flea market

The free market makes University donations available to local needy residents.

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