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Campus Times
November 3, 2000

photo by Natalie Fowle

After being interviewed by students about his new film "Little Nicky," Adam Sandler took a few extra minutes to sign autographs for fans. "When we were writing the movie, we were thinking what's going to make people laugh. We just want people to come and have a good time, and be able to talk about what was and was not funny after the movie" said Sandler.

Adam Sandler's new movie 'Little Nicky' offers laughs

The comic's latest hits the funny bone in all the right places.

Sandler reveals tricks to making films

Adam Sandler and his costars discuss the making of "Little Nicky."

Photos capture nation's struggle

A new exhibit at the Getty chronicles Mexico's fight for independence.

Music genres beat face to face

The new album by Limp Bizkit offers familiar pleasures for fans.

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