Campus Times
November 10, 2000

photo by Kati Kelly

John Collari of Collari Originals in Glendora carves wood pieces and signs for a living. He set up his workshop at the La Verne Harvest Festival last Saturday.

Top Stories

Bush Or Gore? Only Florida knows

The tight presidential election prompts a range of reactions from on and off campus.



Search for academic VP continues

ULV's quest continues to fill the position vacated by William Cook last spring.

Meeting focuses on ULV's strengths

President Stephen Morgan addresses the state of the University.

Extravaganza to be held at Sheraton Suites

ASF plans its annual holiday celebration.

La Verne welcomes new director

Alexis Scott takes the reins of leadership with cross-cultural affairs.

Schiller resigns, takes position at CSUF

Barbara Schiller, the director of academic advising, leaves for an enrollment position at Fullerton.

Children, R-rating become issue

Local cineplexes takes steps to restrict the viewing of R-rated films.

Athletic training seeks accreditation

The Department of Movement and Sports Science hopes the move will improve the curriculum.

Board takes on future

The Board of Trustees makes important decisions in its fall meeting.

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