Campus Times
November 17, 2000

photo by Kati Kelly

Darlene Dona Douthit from Quick Draw Caricatures turned many ULV students into characters for free at the Commuter Carnival celebration on Tuesday.

Top Stories

Red Roof residents offered options

The Office of Housing and Residential Life presents its game plan for moving students once the new Oaks pod is completed.

La Verne's tuition rate increases 6.26 percent

The Board of Trustees votes to raise student fees.



Commuter Carnival draws crowd

The event offers a variety of activities to draw non-resident students into ULV life.

Rodriguez speaks on life, book

Former gang member Luis Rodriguez brings his message to campus.

Trips explore exotic places

ULV's academic departments offer a wide variety of worldwide trips during the January Interterm.

ULV awaits video yearbook arrival

Last year's video yearbook nears completion as administrators prepare a return to a traditional format for this year's publication.

Outside lunches may pose problem for Davenport

Aramark is finding it harder and harder to fill ULV's catering needs.

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