Campus Times
December 8, 2000

photos by Denisse Villalba

(Top) Robert G. Gomez and his employees from Interstate Field Services, began tearing the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house down on Monday at 7 am. By Tuesday afternoon only the foundation remained. (Bottom) The SAE house on Garey Avenue in Pomona, was demolished this week due to foundation problems. It had been occupied by SAE since 1986. The property has been sold to Casa Colina Hospital for Rehabilitative Medicine.

Top Stories

Students enjoy extravagant evening

The annual Winter Extravaganza draws more than 400 guests.

Scoring error costs debate team spot in semis

A paperwork mistake eliminates the debate team from international competition.



Lambda active again

The print version of the ULV yearbook returns this year with a new staff and new adviser.

Debate centers on electoral college

Florida's on-going election maneuvering is the impetus for an exhibition by the debate team.

La Verne Starbucks drive-thru to open soon

The popular coffee chain moves into the city.

Health Center facts now on Internet

The University's Health Center makes services available online.

O.W.L. coordinators fly into position

Jen Newman and Greg Hemenover are named Orientation Weekend Leader coordinators for fall.

New ASF adviser a rebel with a social cause

Deborah Burris-Kitchen, associate professor of sociology, hits the road as ASF's new faculty adviser.

Editors layout plans for new semester

Junior Alisha Rosas is named the next editor of the Campus Times, while senior Danny Craig takes over the helm of La Verne Magazine.

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