LINK+ adds to library resources

Campus Times
February 16, 2001


by Tom Chambers
Staff Writer

Wilson Library at the University of La Verne has more than tripled its resources available to students, staff and faculty.

This was accomplished by LINK+, a new book request service that started in January. LINK+ allows patrons to electronically request a book not available in the Wilson Library but that is available at any of the other participating libraries, as well as have that book delivered to the library for check-out.

"Technology has made possible the sharing of knowledge," said Dr. Marlin Heckman, ULV head librarian.

ULV is one of the 14 colleges in California participating in the LINK+ program. It is the smallest of the 14 schools, but still provides approximately 26,000 items no other school has in their collections.

Each library involved has approximately 40 percent of material that others do not. Before this program, the ULV library had approximately 200,000 items available but now boasts over 4 million books within reach. In one month, Wilson Library loaned 69 books and borrowed 100 books between the 13 schools involved.

LINK+ is accessed through Wilson Library's electronic catalog LeoPac. This can be done with the online catalog via or at the terminals available in Wilson Library. Students then search for the book using the normal search strategies, title, author, or key words.

If Wilson Library does not have the book LINK+ will list what libraries do. Students can then order the book and pick it up in one to four days, free. Patrons with questions or difficulty navigating through the system can ask for help from Irene Morris, senior library assistant.

Once a book is ordered it is the patrons responsibility to check on its arrival. Wilson Library will not be sending out arrival notifications. Patrons can check on the status of their order by logging on to the LINK+ system.

Requests can also be cancelled the same way. The one to four-day delivery is not guaranteed, and items will be held for ten days for pickup. The loan period is 21 days and renewals are not allowed. Each day after the due date will cost $1 with a maximum of $115, the amount for a lost or damaged book. The maximum number of LINK+ requests or holds is 12, while only 10 can be checked out once.

The service costs approximately $30,000 a year and is paid for out of the new technology fund, a fee all students pay through tuition. Next year the program will be a part of the Wilson Library budget.

"We want to let students know that this is a valuable resource and it is easy, fast, and free," said Heckman.

For more information contact Dr. Marlin Heckman and Irene Morris for any questions regarding the LINK+ program at extension 4319.