Spring brings probation changes

Campus Times
February 16, 2001


by Amanda Egan
Staff Writer

A new academic probation program went into effect this semester to help students.

Faculty from the Academic Advising Department developed the policy. If students receives a 2.0 grade point average or below for one semester, they are placed on academic probation. When a student receives a 2.0 grade point average or below for two consecutive semesters, they are academically disqualified.

John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences said, "Students continue to borrow money and do not make progress, it's not ethical to keep them enrolled."

During the fall semester, 66 students were placed on academic probation, 16 were academically dismissed.

"To maintain the academic integrity of the University, measures must be taken against those who decide not to uphold academic excellence," said freshman Karla Pineda.

When placed on probation, students must fill out a questionnaire and meet with a Personal Academic Career Track (PACT) adviser three times during the following semester. PACT advisers discuss plans to get the student off probation and ideas on becoming more successful. When students on probation fail to meet with their PACT adviser three times throughout the course of the semester, there is a stop on their ability to pre-register for the following semester. "Students appreciate the fact that we are interested and willing to help," Gingrich said.