Volleyball keeps setting opponents

Campus Times
March 23, 2001

photo by Jen Newman

Competing to control the ball's destiny in game one of three, ULV's Will Paulson, outside hitter, and Dennis Sexton, middle hitter for St. Ambrose University, met at the net on Monday, March 19. St. Ambrose University is located in Davenport, Iowa.

by Chad Harp
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne men's volleyball team once again dominated its opponents, this time with two very convincing victories inside the Supertents.

Last Friday, the number three nationally-ranked NAIA Park University ventured into the realm of the Leopards home court only to be sent home with a loss. The Leopards came out firing in the first two games winning both by the score of 30-25.

But in the third game, Park University turned it on having 22 kills, while La Verne only had 13. The Leopards lost this game 23-30 due to lack of production.

Even though the Leopards were not playing up to par, they were still up two games to one going into the fourth. After losing the last game the Leopards were ready to end the match with a quick fourth game win.

With both teams playing fairly sloppy and neither able to get anything going offensively, the Leopards finished off Park University with a 30-25 fourth game win to end the match.

As Monday rolled around so did St. Ambrose University. The Leopards came out and made quick work of its counterpart. Even though La Verne was sometimes brought down to St. Ambrose's level, the Leopards made a three-game sweep winning by the scores of 21-30, 22-30, and 21-30 respectively.

Strong play by Jake Swann, Will Paulson, and Nate Michael gave the Leopards the opportunity to bring out their starters and strengthen their bench with playing time.

"We didn't play our best [against St. Ambrose]," said Swann. "It's hard for our team to keep up intensity playing a team in the building process."

"I'm happy we won, but sometimes it's hard for a team to get up against certain opponents," said junior utility Tom Hilton.

The Leopards next home game is today in the Supertents against Cal State University Northridge.