Campus Times
May 18, 2001

photo by Tom Galaraga

Contrasting school colors represent the decisions that ULV alumni will soon face, while departing hands forecast the parting of ways that students must ultimately face. The Rock, having been painted and used as a voice of the students time and time again, will serve as an anchor, reminding alumni of their history at ULV.

Top Stories

ABA out of reach for La Verne law

The American Bar Association's Accreditation Committee refuses provisional accreditation for the ULV College of Law.

Burris-Kitchen leaves ULV for Tennessee State Univ.

The professor of sociology and criminology takes her talents east.

Campus prepares for 109th ceremony

Seniors prepare to say goodbye during the annual rites.



Seniors recollect memories at ULV

The annual Senior Luncheon gives impending graduates a chance to reflect on their La Verne experience.

Department selects 2001 leaders

The Campus Times and La Verne Magazine announce new editors in chief and photography editors for the fall semester, while KULV gains a new program director.

Bishop accepts new position at ULV

The Campus Times adviser accepts the position of director of academic advising and student retention.

Art Department relocates to Brown property

The program moves in preparation for the renovation of the Lemon House into the Communcations Arts Building next year.