Welcome Week has a ’70s vibe
Posted Feb. 15, 2008
?Sher Porter
The Residence Hall Association hosted a “Cookies and Milk Pong” tournament as part of Re-Welcome Back Week on Feb. 6 in the Stu-Han Lounge. Amanda Santos and Andrea Swann participated in the event by shooting ping pong balls into milk filled cups.

Monica Esparza
Staff Writer

To mark the start of new semester and ease students back into the University routine, the Residence Hall Association hosted a Welcome Week.

Dubbed “Re-Welcome Week,” so as not to be confused with the late August events marking the start of a whole new school year, the events of Feb. 4-8 had a ’70s theme.

Highlights of the week included a trivia competition or “tabloid recap” in the Oaks.

This event was judged by RHA members Dylan Haro and twins Jodie and Marcie Baldridge.

It featured questions such as, “Who played Danny Zucco in ‘Grease’?” and “Can you sing the whole ‘Brady Bunch’ song?”
Amid the excitement was sophomore Fabian Barreto who just happened to be visiting friends when he noticed all the fun.

“The cool thing about it is there are 12 people just having fun and having a good time,” Barrett said.

Another event, “Cookies and Milk Pong” took place in the Stu-Han Lounge.
Perhaps the most popular activity of “Re-Welcome Week,” was a ’70s dance was held at the Davenport Dining Hall.

The event had a turnout of more than 50 people.

Although ’70s themed attire was encouraged, only a few students actually donned there button-up shirts with bell-bottoms.

Glow sticks were handed out to give the dance a traditional ‘70’s feel.

While some students enjoyed dancing and chatting with friends, others stopped by a table hosted by the Campus Activities Board to make decorative masks in preparation for this year’s upcoming Winter Formal on Feb. 22.

“I wish I had more time in my schedule because I would have been able to go to the dance,” freshman Jose Becerra said.

The last day of “Re-Welcome Week” ended with a ‘70s hair day.

Although the campus was not exactly overrun with people walking around with big hair, the week was filled with fun activities that eased students back into the semester.

When the dance was announced on Thursday night, sophomore Keith Morando was surprised he hadn’t heard anything about it before.

“There’s a dance?“ Morando asked.

Advertisements were posted in the residence halls, commuters were also welcomed.

A few students enjoyed this type of on-campus activities for their final time.

“I’m moving out this semester, so this was the real last time I had to go to things like this,” freshman Genesis Aguirre said.

Monica Esparza can be reached at mesparza2@ulv.edu.

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Welcome Week has a '70s vibe

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