Sorority prepares for new women
Posted Feb. 16, 2007

Alpha Omicron Pi wants young women who value friendship, scholarship, and service to be charter members of the sorority. During the spring semester, they will be holding recruitment events where potential new members will have the chance to make history at the University of La Verne.

“We want a strong successful chapter to begin a legacy at La Verne,” said Rebecca Myers, Alpha Omicron Pi’s extension and colonization manager. “May 2007 is our target instillation date.”

The anticipation is rising, as one year ago the idea of adding a fourth sorority was just that, an idea. Now it is a reality.

“I am very excited to see the chapter grow,” Myers said.

Other students, staff and faculty are very excited to have a fourth sorority on campus. Loretta Rahmani, director of student affairs, played a role in bringing the sorority to campus and is thrilled that more women are becoming engaged and involved on campus. In turn, this participation impacts retention for the University.

“AOII is the missing puzzle piece to the other organizations on campus,” said Sigma Kappa president Sara Weythman.

Other sororities are equally excited as Liz Canales and Stephanie Farrell, presidents of Iota Delta and Phi Sigma Sigma, respectively, look forward to holding socials with AOII and sharing their recruitment tips.

Alpha Omicron Pi is in a unique situation as they are the only sorority recruiting this semester because the other sororities on campus have reached their house totals.

“I knew it would take two full semesters of recruitment,” said “Chip” West, assistant dean of student affairs and director of student life. “AOII needs to recruit differently.”

Suggestions include looking in areas where women are not already involved in Greek life including athletes, commuters and theater students.

The sorority will be recruiting young women throughout the current semester in a process known as continuous open bidding. Continuous open bidding, called COB in the Greek world, is a process where the current members of the sorority get to know potential new members through events held by the organization.

The next chance women will have to get to know the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi and get involved in Greek life is at AOII’s recruitment event on Feb. 22 in the West Dining Room.

Michelle Ajemian can be reached at

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