'The Full Charge' takes on ULV

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‘The Full Charge’ takes on ULV
Posted Feb. 16, 2007
Rhiannon Mim
Nicknamed “The Full Charge,” comedian Matt Fulchiron took the stage Feb. 8 at Founders Auditorium wearing his $7 thrift store duds. Fulchiron is a Baltimore native who takes pride in his ability to “rock microphones” since he was 18 months old. He has appeared on “The Late Late Show with Craig Furguson” and “Live at Gotham” on Comedy Central.

The first week back for Spring semester is usually a slow one so it was almost shocking to see Founders Auditorium to near capacity at 10 p.m. on Feb. 8.

A restless crowd of about 250 made its way into the crusty old building and anxiously awaited the well-advertised entertainer Matt Fulchiron. Students sat and talked while they waited for the comedian to take the stage.

“We decided to make it a sorority sisterhood event,” said Alicia McGaughey, freshman psychology major and member of Alpha Omicron Pi.

“Coming to an event like this is way better than what I would have been doing, sitting in my room doing nothing on MySpace.

”The crowd quieted down from their laughing and talking and sat in silent anticipation as Samantha Toia, Campus Activities Board Comedy Chair introduced the opening act.

Keith Hannan made his way to the stage with a sense of humor that the students of La Verne just did not seem to get.

With a few chuckles here and there, he was mostly met with silence or periodically the faint moans of a disappointed crowd.

His performance was made even more awkward because he was accompanied by an over powered microphone and a spotlight happy tech guy.

Applause erupted when Hannan left the stage, which presumably, was caused by the relief of no longer having to sit in silence.

Toia took the stage to introduce Fulchiron. She introduced him as if he was an old friend.

“It was really good to work with Matt,” Toia said.

“He had an offer to another better paying gig tonight and he decided to come here. He’s a really good guy.”

Fulchiron lives up to his stage name, “The Full Charge,” because the crowd immediately livened up when he hit the stage.

“I should be arrested for murder, because I am killing up here.” Fulchiron said.

The already laughing crowd ignited into an even louder roar of laughter as he continued with one-liners throughout his performance.

The crowd seemed to feel comfortable enough to make conversation and even heckle Fulchiron.

A girl took offense to a joke about tattoos and piercings and she felt the need to let everyone know. She backed down quickly as soon as “The Full Charge” began to single her out.

“The hecklers here were relatively nice compared to the drunk adults I normally have to deal with.” Fulchiron said.

“Being a comedian you just sort of get used to it,” he added.
McGaughy even commented on how she enjoyed his comeback style jokes and his wardrobe.

“He looked like a very nicely dressed homeless person,” McGaughy said.
“He even made jokes about it himself,” she added.

Most students left the performance with a smile on their face and a few new jokes to tell to their friends.

“It’s nice to see people enjoy something you worked hard to put together.” Toia said.

Toia and CAB were pleased with the turn out and their hope is that just as many or more people will attend the upcoming shows.

On March 8 Jen Kober will be performing at ULV. K.T. Papara will also pay a visit to La Verne on April 11. Both can be seen in Founders Auditorium at 10 p.m.

Jillian Peña can be reached at jpeña2@ulv.edu.

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