Letter to the Editor
Posted February 17, 2006

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your article “Effects of Athens closure still felt” in the Campus Times (Nov. 18, 2005) and found myself freshly disappointed in the ongoing position of the ULV administration.

Let me simply say, given the fact that the ULV California administration had oversight responsibilities toward the Athens branch campus’ administration it sounds juvenile, not to use stronger language, to hear people like Phil Hawkey and Stephen Morgan say, “they had no choice” but to shut us down three days before our academic year was to open. I would like to point out that Mr. Hawkey was on site twice before the college’s abrupt closure, and stood in front of faculty 10 days before the closure telling us we would be opening as planned.

To think that ULV California waited until literally the last minute to disclose their debt findings (the Friday afternoon before the scheduled Monday opening), makes for a bad plot; I would have thought the administration would at least have come up with a less mediocre script if they really wanted to convince us, to say nothing of sloppy administration and legal negligence. If things were so dire, why did the administration wait so long?

As for being “kicked” off campus, most people are not friendly to individuals who decide to end their careers and livelihoods without any warning, without so much as a letter, after they’ve been assured by the ULV California representative that the school year was to begin as planned. The ULV California administration also knows very well that it was their appointed American administrator, and not the faculty, who resorted to the claimed action.

Perhaps the ULV California administration ought to more sincerely reevaluate its reasons for having treated some highly educated and devoted individuals with such crude insensitivity, and as a matter of personal curiosity, I would like to know if the ULV California administration would have treated the same people in the same way had this taken place on American territory?

Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Department of Humanities of the former University of La Verne Athens

Letter to the Editor

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