Students learn facts of alcohol use
Posted Feb 20, 2009
Diane Scott
Staff Writer

Students who attended an alcohol awareness event learned about alcohol and the simple ways to prevent alcohol poisoning fatalities.

The workshop on Feb.10 was the last in the series of events held by the University of La Verne Counseling Center in January and February aimed at providing information for students about different subjects that can arise during college life.

Taneisha Taylor, a graduate student studying marriage and family therapy, said she found the workshop very informative.

“I learned a lot from the evening. I didn’t know about all of the health risks and how it sometimes affects developed countries different to other countries. I also learned how to deal with alcohol poisoning, which I liked,” Taylor said.

The presentation also helped raise awareness for women about the extra dangers they face when intoxicated.

Part of the presentation also focused on the role that the advertising industry plays when alcohol is involved.

The presentation compared the caloric intake of alcoholic drinks to meals with the same calorie count.

The workshop also dispelled some common misconceptions about alcohol with a true or false quiz early into the presentation.

They dismissed the commonly held notion that alcohol destroys brain cells.

The presentation also pointed out that one of the worst things to do is make an intoxicated person vomit as it could lead to choking.

One of the event hosts, Anisha Nathwani, a second year psychology doctoral student, said that she felt the meeting and presentation went well, but she wished that there had been a greater number of people in attendance.

“It’s a very wide topic and you don’t know why people are attending, everyone has a different reason for coming to these sessions,” Nathwani said.

“I think the small group size was good as it made people feel more comfortable and helped people share their ideas,” Nathwani said.

Brenda Bryan, who is also a second year psychology doctoral student, helped host the event with Nathwani and said she felt it was important to provide information to students and help them make the distinction between healthy drinking and binge drinking.

“I wanted the presentation to be informative rather than preachy,” Bryan said. “I did my undergraduate degree at a public university where there was a lot of work done to publicize safe drinking and felt there should be something like that here.”

The workshop was a combination of power point presentations, videos and discussion.

Many different views about alcohol were presented and discussed.

Bryan and Nathwani are both trainees at the counseling center.

Nathwani and Bryan volunteered to host the workshop because they both believe alcohol awareness is a helpful topic for the ULV campus.

“Even though this is a dry campus, drinking shouldn’t be ignored because it isn’t obsolete from student’s lives,” Bryan said.

“Some people may feel pressure to drink, so we thought this workshop would help people,” Nathwani added.

The Alcohol Awareness Workshop was part of a series of workshops presented by the Counseling Center.

Other workshops that have been held over the past two months include Effective Communication, Grief and Mourning, Body Image and Eating Disorders and Stress Management.

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