Students bond over board games
Posted Feb. 20, 2009
Stephanie Arellanes
Working on not Disappointing our God club members Nataly Escobar, Johana Juan, Diane Aguayo and Jazmyne Lewis play “iMAgiNiff,” a board game that allows the players to imagine each other in different situations and what they would do or choose. WONDOG sponsored a game night and ice cream social in the Stu-Han lounge on Feb. 11.

Marla Bahoul
Staff Writer

The organization Working on not Disappointing our God held its first social event of the semester with plenty of games and ice cream.

“iMAgiNiff” proved to be the most popular game of the event held Feb. 11 in the Stu-Han lounge.

Players were given a card with a different adjectives to choose from to describe their opposing player.

Topics ranged from which natural disaster their opposing player was most likely to be to which national monument the player more closely resembled.

There were five people present at the beginning of the night and within an hour, more came to join the organization’s first social event of the semester, and even stayed to participate in the activities.

WONDOG, which helps its members build a relationship with God, has been at the University since 2002.

Though it is a Christian club, it is not strictly limited to religion and religious people.

“It is pretty much a club where we gather a group of students and ask them personal and spiritual questions to get to know them more. We get people’s input concerning religion,” said Jazmyne Lewis, WONDOG president and a junior psychology major.

It attempts to go beyond a religious focus by hosting a number of events that everyone will be invited to. This is one of several events that WONDOG will host to become more social.

The club hopes to put on many more socials this spring semester.

“We want to be a more sociable club,” Lewis said.

“It was good. I got to talk to other people that live in Stu-Han. The ice cream was good. I got there toward the end,” said Angelica Williams, a freshman.

The event allowed Stu-Han residents to get to know each other better.

WONDOG also served neopolitan ice cream with toppings such as nuts and cherries.

“It was a lot of fun. It was one of those events where you get to relax. You get to meet other people, commuters come by and you get to play board games,” Nataly Escobar, junior international business major.

“Time management, prayer, and dependency on God is big for me, at least on my part,” Lewis said. “It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and motivation to do what I do.”

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