‘Dim Lights’ offers poetry nights
Posted Feb.22, 2008
?Courtney Droke
Hosting “A Mic and Dim Lights” at the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center, Cory Coffer introduces the last two speakers on Feb. 14. Coffer, a former sociology major at the University of La Verne, started “A Mic and Dim Lights” in October 2000. The event takes place every Thursday night and welcomes musicians, poets, singers and dancers.

Danielle Lampkin
Assistant Editor

Violets are red, roses are blue, at Dim Lights experience something new.

A young lady stood patiently waiting in the lobby of the Cal Poly Art Theatre, located on the corner of Second and Main streets in the Pomona Arts Colony, when a young man suddenly appeared, presenting her with a single long-stemmed red rose.

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day,” artist MCee Mega said with a smile on his face.

“I waited a week to see Mega and it was definitely worth the wait. This is our first Valentine’s Day together,” Upland native Michelle Riddle said.

A Valentine’s first for some, an end to a wonderful day for others and an every Thursday night location for many is “A Mic and Dim Lights,” an experience offered to all who care to come.

“This is a night for love,” University of La Verne alumnus Corey Coffer said.

Coffer, also referred to as BessKepp, opened the night with a love poem he wrote for his wife.

“I encourage love poems tonight,” BessKepp said while offering candy at the door.

Having celebrated the earlier part of his night with his family, BessKepp wanted to allow others to enjoy a night out with loved ones as well.

Chantel Hunley, a senior liberal studies major, accompanied by singer/songwriter Mali Bee, exchanged promises on their existing relationship at the park before attending “Dim Lights.”

A first time performer, Bee sang his heart out to girlfriend Hunley with a melody titled, “Our Love.”

While some artists performed love poems and songs, others did poems varying from voting rights to personal interpretation of the world, all aimed at entertaining the audience.

“Reflect back to when you wrote your poem and people can truly feel you,” Maryland native spoken word artist Simply Kat said.

A beautiful, diversified audience made up of different ages, races and genders filled the dim lit room Valentine’s Day, adding to the mood that was in the air.

“Poetry is raw. It is the purest art form, all you have to do is be you and be honest,” Simply Kat said.

The Cal Poly Art Theatre is home to “Dim Lights,” although some may feel different by agreeing with Simply Kat.

“‘A Mic and Dim Lights’ is home for me,” Simply Kat said.
Created by BessKepp, along with friend James Brady, “Dim Lights” has become home to many over the years.

Newer and older artists of this unique art form have joined those who consistently attended and helped with the growth of “Dim Lights” since Oct. 2000.

“I’ve been here before; I like the scene. It is very relaxing and fun,” first year San Bernardino Valley College student Adam Freeman said.

While many have been before, it is a first experience for some.

“It was my first time and I am definitely coming back. It was bomb,” SBVC sophomore kinesiology major Ruth Crosby said.

When ending the night at “Dim Lights,” many would attest once again to the words of Simply Kat, “Today was a good day, a very good day.”

More information about “A Mic and Dim Lights” and upcoming performers can be found on their MySpace page www.myspace.com/amdl.
Admission is $3.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at dlampkin@ulv.edu.

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'Dim Lights' offers poetry nights


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