Goor to push for NCATE approval
Posted Feb. 22, 2008
Courtney Droke
Mark Goor, the new dean of the College of Education and Organizational Leadership, joined the University of La Verne on Feb. 1. Goor’s goals as the new dean include bringing national accreditation to the college and increasing recognition of programs and faculty. Goor’s hobbies include playing the piano and international travel.

Tiffany Vlaanderen
Staff Writer

The new dean of the College of Education and Organiza­tional Leadership, Mark Goor adds a fresh perspective to the University at a crucial time before its first national accreditation process in 2011.

Receiving approval by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, would allow the University to remain competitive by attracting more graduate students in the field, while still having accreditation from the state.

He has a “strong background in accreditation and helping with institutions,” McGuire said.

Goor’s strong background in teaching and administrating were vital components when choosing a fit for the position.

Tom McGuire, professor of education, was involved in the committee that selected Goor to be dean.

In fact, Goor recently returned from Memphis, Tenn., to chair a team at the University of Memphis for its accreditation process, a few weeks into the new dean’s term.

Many colleagues believe Goor will be a positive asset for the college, not only for his exceptional experience and knowledge in the field, but for his character and sense of humor, as well.

“He is a wonderful fit for ULV. He has a great sense of humor,” said Peggy Redman, director of teacher education.

Many of Goor’s teaching and administrative qualities were not obtained solely through years of education, but they appear to run in his blood, as the dean comes from a large family of teachers.

ULV attracted Goor from the east coast to California.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and claimed Thomas Jefferson as one of his heroes, for he was a “champion of education,” Goor said.

Goor’s experience as professor of special education at George Mason University in Virginia gave him insight on how to carefully approach education and communication with students.

“I truly believe humans are story tellers,” Goor said. “You learn how to understand who a person is.”

It is essential for the instructor, in Goor’s opinion, to try and understand how each person functions so the student can fully benefit from an education.

This attitude goes hand in hand with how Goor plans to approach the college as a whole.

“I like supporting people in making sure they do well,” Goor said. “My goal is to learn every department.”

This mentality is built on the assumption that the departments already have quality faculty and tools, and Goor hopes to facilitate their needs so they continue to flourish.

Many colleagues feel that the new Dean truly understands their goals for the college after a short time of being at the University.

Marsha Soboh, senior development director in the College of Education and Organizational Leadership, feels that Goor is supportive of the program.

Barbara Poling, interim associate dean for the School of Education and Organizational Leadership said Goor is a very approachable person.

Poling hopes that Goor will bring a visibility factor in attracting public school students, since he has experience in public education.

Poling believes Goor will offer “added value” in all realms within the college through experience, support and even humor.

Under Goor’s guidance the college will hopefully have a successful and admirable product to show for its arduous labors come 2011.

Goor’s personal touches on the fundamentals of education may serve as a motivation and cornerstone for the school’s faculty and teachers to look to for inspiration.

“Teachers are nation builders. They must remember their power,” Goor said.

Tiffany Vlaanderen can be reached at

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