Cooper’s comedy cracks up crowd
Posted February 24, 2006
?Rhiannon Mim
Comedian Alycia Cooper jokes about “The 15 Signs That You Are Getting Old,” in Founders Auditorium on Thursday. Cooper, who has appeared on television shows such as “The Parkers,” had a few of the audience members tumbling out of their seats from laughter. She joked about topics sure to hit college students, such as obsessions with MySpace, cell phones and the ever-addicting Xbox.

Students looking to relieve the stress of the third week of school found the perfect way to do it Thursday, when the comical performance of Alycia Cooper filled almost every seat available in Founders Auditorium.

The Campus Activities Board in collaboration with Associated Student Forum, African American Student Alliance, The Sister Circle, the Mosaic Cultural Institute, Student Affairs and Multicultural Diversity, College Pahellenic Association and the Sorority Delta Sigma Theta helped make Cooper’s performance a success.

“It was great, really entertaining and funny,” said James Muldrow, senior accounting major. “She had a lot of punch lines.”

Cooper began her performance addressing college humor and laughed along with the students when she mentioned such familiar subjects as “the freshman 15,” saying she would have welcomed gaining 15 pounds instead of the 30 she actually gained.

Cooper also spoke about how difficult it is to lose weight, the pressure of getting married and the trials of what it is like for women to wear Payless shoes.

“I think the girls liked her a lot,” James said.

But women were not the only ones who enjoyed Cooper’s humor.
The guys in the crowd laughed just as much as the ladies when Cooper mentioned well known pop-culture icons, such as Michael Jackson, making fun of his controversial persona, as well as the highly publicized wrong-doings of R&B singer R. Kelly.

Cooper did not stop there; she also spoke of the lighter more humorous side of sex and drugs.

“I thought she was really open about stuff like that,” said Carolina Guillen, senior anthropology major. “I was a little surprised.”
Students enjoyed Cooper’s raw humor.

“Nowadays you can’t help talking about sex and drugs without laughing,” said Nick Solis, CAB comedy chair.

Solis decided to book Cooper after the success of comedian Jeff Garcia’s performance last semester.

“The students enjoy this kind of stuff because you don’t get to see it too often,” Solis said.

Cooper has worked on a number of television shows such as “The Dr. Phil Show,” “Wanda Does It,” “Bands Reunited,” “The Magic Hour,” “The Love Connection,” “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” “The Grown-ups” and “The Parkers.”

Cooper was also featured in “Essence Magazine,” and has appeared on “BET’s Comic View,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” “BET Live” and “Oh Drama.”

Cooper will continue her “Tell It Like It Is” national tour and will travel to Huntington Beach, Boston and New York for upcoming performances.

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Cooper’s comedy cracks up crowd

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