Society welcomes ULV scholars

Posted February 24, 2006
?Nancy Dyleuth
As part of the Alpha Chi induction ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 15, new member Monique Chambers lit a candle to represent the honor society’s colors and beliefs. The colors, green and blue, signify victory and truth according to the society’s constitution.

Gabby De La Cruz
Staff Writer

Alpha Chi, a National Honor Society with a chapter at the University of La Verne, had its induction ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room. There were 67 new members, 18 of whom attended.

Andrea Labinger, professor of Spanish, founded the Theta chapter at ULV in 1993.

She wanted to give students an opportunity to be recognized for their hard work in academics.

“We did not have any kind of honor society here at ULV, so I looked for an organization,” Labinger said. “We recognize many things here at the University, but we are primarily an academic institution, and I think students who work hard should get recognition.”

Alpha Chi was founded in 1922 and is restricted to institutions emphasizing primarily in academics. The purpose of Alpha Chi, according to its constitution, is for promotion and recognition of scholarship.

In order to join Alpha Chi, the student must be in the top 10 percent of their junior or senior class from every ULV campus. When inducted, the member receives a pin, a medallion and a certificate.

Alpha Chi represents the initial letters of the Greek words Aletheia and Charakter, meaning truth and character. The colors of the society are emerald green and sapphire blue signifying victory and truth. The motto of the society is, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Junior Jose Luis Chavez, a newly initiated member, was very pleased with the ceremony.

“It is a great honor knowing that only a select few get an opportunity like this one,” Chavez said. “I am very proud to know that I have been chosen to be a part of this organization.”

Alfred Clark, professor of humanities and assistant vice-president of academic affairs is the official sponsor for the chapter at ULV. There are six other co-sponsors, all who are part of ULV faculty.

“There are several benefits in joining Alpha Chi,” Clark said. “It is a scholarship society, which means the members have the opportunity to receive scholarships offered within our region.

“National also has their own scholarships, which are also available to the students,” he added. “Alpha Chi members also have the opportunity to participate in a convention, which is takes place every year.”

The Region 7 Convention, which took place in St. Louis last year will be hosted by Clark this year on Feb. 24 and 25 in the President’s Dining Room.

Several chapters from Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and California will be attending the convention.

There will also be 21 University students presenting, including a photo show by Janice Sullivan, a senior, new inductee and administrative secretary for the communications department.

Sullivan said she was surprised when she first received a letter in the mail asking her to join the organization.

“I am very honored to be a part of Alpha Chi,” Sullivan said. “When I received the letter I was sitting on the couch and was very shocked to read it. I couldn’t believe I was part of the top 10 percent.”

Many students had shocked reactions to being qualified for Alpha Chi.
“I was very surprised when I first found out,” junior Natalie Camacho said. “I am really honored, because I had no idea my GPA was that high within my junior class. I was also very excited because I just recently got initiated into Order of Omega, which is also an honor society here at La Verne.”

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