Chocolate lovers dip into fun
Posted Feb. 27, 2009
Stephanie Arellanes
Monica Hermosillo and Miranda Hernandez attended the Chocolate Festival hosted by the Campus Activities Board on Feb. 18 in Sneaky Park. Students came to enjoy free fondue in exchange for participating in a CAB opinion survey about the campus.

The Campus Activity Board hosted a Chocolate Festival on Feb. 18 in Sneaky Park with the help of Special Events Chairwoman Evelyn Castro.

In a late celebration of Valentine’s Day, Castro, a junior business administration major, invited undergraduate students to enjoy pretzels, marshmallows and fruit to dip in chocolate fondue.

Castro had been looking forward to the chocolate event.

“I’ve been wanting chocolate covered pretzels all week,” Castro said.

Castro enjoyed her treats and shouted to students to join her.

“Come get some free chocolate! It’s CAB,” Castro said.

Students filled cups intended for chocolate milk with fondue and piled fruit on their plates.

Toothpicks could not serve students their fruit fast enough.

“Most people are going for the strawberries,” Castro said.

Freshman business administration major, Melly Ramirez, liked everything but the pineapple. “The strawberries are my favorite,” Ramirez said.

Cheesecake bites were another group favorite.

“A lot of people have been saying ‘oh my God, cheesecake,’” Castro said.

Sophomore business administration major Kevin Merker was the first student to reach for a banana.

“Bananas are the best fruit for chocolate,” Merker said.

Attendees laughed and enjoyed watching Merker try to eat.

The wind blew chocolate against Merker.

“Oh my God, I have chocolate all over my face,” Merker said.

The cold air hardened the chocolate fondue as well, but students did not let that ruin their chocolate fun.

They continued to pour more into their cups and on their plates.

Students lured their friends in to join around Castro’s table and enjoy the never-ending platters of desserts.

“Help yourself to all you can carry,” Ramirez said to a friend encouragingly.

Ramirez and others searched for a patch of sun to warm up the fondue, but most enjoyed eating their chocolate in the cold.

Ramirez and Castro agreed that eating the chocolate was worth being in the cold air.

“I’m just enjoying the goodies,” said senior liberal studies major and sociology minor Kimberly Wingson.

Wingson encouraged everyone to try the strawberries. Her favorite treat to dip was the strawberries.

“I have a weakness for strawberries,” Wingson said.

“I’m really confident this is going to be delicious,” sophomore economics and music major Joshua Runyan said as he served himself pineapple.

“This is amazing,” Runyan said.

“This is a really neat thing,” junior English major Brenda Bakabak said. “I like this.”

Bakabak looked around and asked who thought of this?

“I did,” Castro said while she showed her guests the best strategy to optimize space for more chocolate.

Castro said that more than 80 people attended her event.

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Chocolate lovers dip into fun

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