Wi-Fi access to expand across ULV campus
Posted Feb. 27, 2009

The University of La Verne is beginning expansion of wireless Internet to reach every classroom and every bench on campus.

The Technology Committee hopes to successfully install Wi-Fi to reach most of the areas of the La Verne campus within the next year.

“We have had wireless Internet in Wilson library, and we just added wireless Internet in Barkley annex and Landis buildings,” Michael Frantz, chairman of the faculty technology committee, said.

Frantz said because of external grants they were able to get the buildings Wi-Fi first. Stu-Han and Brandt halls have also had access to the Internet as well, but are not up to date.

“Our priority for the time is to get Stu-Han and Brandt up to date and running,” Clive Houston-Brown chief information officer, said.

“I hope that this works. Sometimes I take my laptop around and cannot connect to the Internet and I would like to be able to use my own computer with my photos without having to e-mail them or use a flash drive,” Stu-Han resident Courtney Droke said.

The technology committee wants to add Wi-Fi to the buildings that will give wireless to as much area as possible.

“We have been thinking about expanding to the theater tents, which is a viable possibility because it will allow for wireless bleed over to the surrounding quad area,” Frantz said.

One of the harder buildings on campus to receive Wi-Fi will be Founders Hall, because of its 18-inch concrete walls. There will be many more access points needed and it will raise the cost, Frantz said.

“We now must prioritize what order we want each building to get Wi-Fi, and how to use funding for it,” Houston-Brown said.

As far as the older facilities with wireless, the updated system will acquire a Network Administration Control System.

This system will look for up to date security and virus checks before allowing log in.

Although the new system will not let people on the Internet, it will allow the user to access certain sites to download the new files.

“It might seem like there is a locked gate, but we will give you the key to get in,” Frantz said.

The committee’s goal is to have access available wherever students are, expanding to the outdoor areas, Frantz said.

“Once we were lagging behind other schools with Wi-Fi, but in the past two to three years we have been catching up,” Frantz said.

“The whole thing sounds great, I think getting things faster and up to date will really improve things,” Brian Altinis, senior legal studies major, said.

For more information, visit www.ulv.edu/oit/wireless.

Samantha Sincock can be reached at samantha.sincock@laverne.edu.

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Wi-Fi access to expand across ULV campus

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