Singlefaze brings fans to the Wire
Posted Feb. 29, 2008
Lauren Pollard
Jeremy Driesler, guitarist for alternative rock band Singlefaze, rocked the house at The Wire in Upland on Sunday for a full crowd of almost 50 fans. Singlefaze is currently recording its first CD, which will be out at the end of March. Their concert featured many of these new tunes.

The lights went dim and the spotlights turned on when Singlefaze hit the stage Sunday night at The Wire Music and Art Venue in Upland.

All eyes were on the alternative rock band when Angela Lopez began to play the viola and the rest of the band members, Brian Hess, drummer and vocalist; Ronnie Coleman, vocalist and bass player; and Jeremy Driesler, guitarist, began to rock The Wire.

The crowd was full of energy as Singlefaze played songs from their upcoming album.
“Because of You” and “Through Broken Eyes” were among the songs played by the band.

“There were some differences in the style of music,” Hess said.

Singlefaze had decided to take the less traditional approach and have no front man for their group. But straying away from the regular band structure has only helped the band.

Singlefaze had a great vibe and played well together. It appeared that even after unanticipated band member changes, the group made a good decision to move forward, even if there is no lead singer.

“It was good,” Kevin Agra, from Alta Loma, said. “It was a nice touch with the viola.”

Agra was one of nearly 50 people in the crowd.

The response to the band was favorable as many people were seen swaying to the music and even a few were jumping in excitement.

The small room was transformed as family and friends packed in around the stage and flashes from cameras lit up the dark room.

After playing just over a 30 minute set, the band announced it was time for their final song of the night.

Before they played the final song, Hess thanked The Wire for allowing them to come play and told the crowd to stick around and enjoy the next band to perform, Clear Canvas.

“Our CD should be ready by the end of March,” Hess said. “We just uploaded six new songs to our MySpace.”

Singlefaze has been together since October 2006, but Hess said that the current members have only been together for about a year.
Rachel and Donavan Foy, owners of The Wire, were present and took care of the band members.

The Foy’s had the venue fully stocked with beverages for the band and she handed them water before they hit the stage.

“We are here for the local bands,” Rachel Foy said.

The Foy’s have owned The Wire since August 2006.

“We had an opportunity to try out a business of our own,” Rachel Foy said.

The band seems to be heading in the right direction. No new shows are scheduled as of now because the band wants to finish working on their album.

Hopefully fans will be hearing more from Singlefaze soon.
Fans can check out the band via their MySpace page at

Information on upcoming shows at The Wire Music and Art Venue can be found at

Victoria Allende can be reached at

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Singlefaze brings fans to the Wire


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