Winter showers bring spring fashions

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Winter showers bring spring fashions
Posted March 2, 2007
Lauren Pollard
Dressed in leggings, one of this year’s most popular spring trends, sophomore Jessica Misuradze said she finds the style, “…a great way to feel comfortable yet still fashionable and feminine.”

The weather forecast for spring is full of bright as the sun dresses, sky blue blouses, fertile fields of floral skirts, lightning bright metallic shoes and voluminous cloud-like jackets.

With the weather and fashion forecast transitioning from fall to spring, it is time to toss out those chunky sweaters, dark colors, tweeds and sky-high pumps.

This season the dominant spring trends seen all over the runway, magazines and stores include ballet inspiration, brights, floral and mod.

The ballet look is not to be taken literally for young trendsetters should not be walking down the street in a leotard and tutu.

More so this look is all about pinks and beige; along with loose hanging satin blouses, voluminous skirts and wrap sweaters.

“Ballet flats are really popular for spring,” said Kristen Chocek who works for Groove Footwear in their brand development and marketing department.

Delicate headbands, charm necklaces and ribbon bracelets also add an extra ballerina twirl to any outfit.

The ballet trend brings about controversy in the fashion world over a very important topic: leggings. Are they in or are they out?

Leggings compliment the ballerina trend by pairing it with a wispy skirt or oversized sweater.

Think: just got out of the dance studio ensemble. Critics want to ensure that leggings are not used in any fashion to further the 80’s trend.

“Leggings make every girl’s legs like fabulous,” Lauren Zagurski, a junior business major said when responding to the controversial topic.

Color is always in for spring but this year, bright colors are a statement within itself.

“Color, baby,” Kelli Kasmir, head designer for Groove Footwear said, when responding to spring trends.

Bright and jewel tone colors like blue, green, orange, fuchsia, purple and yellow were all over the runway.

The trend was catapulted into the spotlight when Reese Witherspoon wore a vibrant yellow Nina Ricci knee length dress with satin red diamond encrusted heels to the Golden Globes Awards this past January.

Spring and floral go hand in hand, but this season floral is a force to be reckoned with as featured on the Marc Jacobs and Valentino runways.

A disclaimer about fashion: trends come and go, but when they resurface they do it in a fresh, bold way.

Feminine floral has been sprouting everywhere and the fashion world is excited for a breath of fresh air from the particularly dark and rich patterns of fall.

The luminary of the floral trend is the rosette. As it sounds, the rosette is a three dimensional rose-like flower scattered on dresses, headbands, purses and sandals.

The rosette is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit for it is a fresh and fun way to spice up any outfit.

A trend that is transcending the test of fashion time is the 60’s inspired mod look.

“Mod is year-round; it just matters who can pull it off,” Tasha Lo, a sophomore business administration major, said.

Big sunglasses, bold patterned mini dresses and beautiful asymmetrical lines describe the mod muse.

The combination of black, white and silver can make any look a mod look as long as there is one chunky accessory or patent leather shoes.

The mod look is a simple one to achieve, but taken to the edge can make the average trendsetter look like the British beauty Twiggy a la the 1960s.

From bright blouses and floral frocks, to mod mini dresses the fashion forecast is promising with a trend for everyone to become inspired by and make their own.

Michelle Ajemian can be reached at

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