Intramural dodgeball gives students late night workout
Posted March 3, 2006

Eric Iberri
Staff Writer

Lately University of La Verne students have been busy throwing balls at each other all night.

That’s right – balls. Intramural dodgeball started a week ago Monday and concluded last night.

The matches ran from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Old Gym. The bleachers were packed for each match and only standing room remained.

Competition began with 14 teams.

“People came out and stayed until one in the morning,” said Yesel Manrique, a senior broadcast television major.

Manrique was part of Team Top Ramen, a team made up of students, athletes and fraternity members.

“I played last year and it was a lot of fun. You can hear all the ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs.’ People get into dodgeball the most,” he said. “I played intramural basketball, dodgeball and soccer last year, but dodgeball was the most fun.”

Many school athletes had teams in the dodgeball tournament.

The football team, men’s water polo and women’s volleyball participated, as well as other sports teams, fraternities, sororities and students.

Leslie Flores, a junior social science major, was part of Team Tink.

The team was made of up of players from the women’s volleyball team.

“Our team is the only team with all girls. Most teams have all boys, but some are boys and girls,” Flores said. “The boys throw harder and have better aim, but we’re athletes, so it’s still fun.”

“We’re 1-6, but we have the cutest uniforms and the tightest spandex,” she added.

Standard dodgeball rules applied.

Most matches were six-on-six and were won by eliminating all players on one team.

Seth Shelton, Campus Activities Board chairman of intramural sports, played for the men’s water polo team.

“Tons of people have been coming out every night,” said Shelton. “The turn out has been great.”

Shelton said that intramural basketball is planned for March and ultimate Frisbee is set for April.

Eric Iberri can be reached at

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Intramural dodgeball gives students late night workout

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