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Campus Times
March 4, 2005


photo by Reina Santa Cruz

“Late Night La Verne with Rico Selva” is a new show on LVTV. Rich Uranga takes on the alter- ego of talk show host Rico Selva. Uranga started the show as his senior project.

‘Late Night LV’ stars Rich Uranga

Show is first of five to be aired throughout the semester.

Campus Activities Board complements ASF

Board's main goal is to enrich social lives of ULV students.

New kind of hog hits the Fairplex

Enthusiasts turn out for So-Cal Cycle Show and Swap Meet.

Voice in Action: Scambray presents writing

Reading and lecture part of a series of monthly readings.

Video Game Review: GT4 = Gearhead paradise

Gran Turismo 4 explodes onto scene.

Uggs remain fashion friendly

Footwear one of the biggest trends of the year.

Bags: faux or no

Trendy purses prove to be expensive.

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