Campus Comment

California Primary Election

Campus Times
March 5, 2004

‘I did not vote because of the time issue. I really care about what is going on, but I really don’t know the details involved in all the issues.’
– Gwen Franco, religion and philosophy

‘Yes I voted and I think more people should care about what is going on.’
– Daniel Reagan, undeclared

‘I used the absentee ballot. A lot of people don’t vote because of other things like school and work. I think a lot of people are not informed.’
– Wendy Schwartz, social science

‘I forgot to vote. But I would have voted because election day is important and I want to support Kerry.’
– Phanny Lun, Japanese and international business

‘I think it is important to vote because it is part of who you want in charge of things and who you want to represent yourself.’
– Pamela Beas, business

‘No, I did not vote because I’m not even registered and a lot of students don’t vote because they do not have enough time.’
– Tammy Etheridge, movement and sport science

‘No, I did not vote, I think I do not know enough about the issues.’
– Eje Ash, movement and sports science

‘It is important to vote because every vote counts. I am mostly concerned about community college prices and gay marriages, which should not be outlawed.’
– Erik Faiivae, economics