Serving a buffet of affordable art

Posted March 6, 2009

Sherezad Shaikh
Samir Abboud visits the exhibition “All U Can Eat” at the Bunny Gunner Gallery for the monthly Second Saturday Artwalk in the Pomona Arts Colony. Guests browse the galleries, listen to live music and sample the food. Bunny Gunner also provides framing, graphic design and signage. “All U Can Eat” was its biggest show of the year and resulted in the sale of 200 pieces.

Small pictures and bright colors splashed across walls into one big delicious buffet at Bunny Gunner Gallery’s “All U Can Eat” art show Saturday.

The exhibit is part of Bunny Gunner’s annual show that arranges art to look like a buffet.

“The theme for this years event is affordability,” said gallery owner Juan Thorp.

The pieces being shown are five by seven, or smaller pieces that people can actually afford,” he said.

“Other artists make bigger pieces that are not very affordable, so with these five-by-seven pieces, people can have affordable, quality work,” Thorp said

Many artists’ works were featured.

The Rev. Bill Moore, a catholic priest, who had a collection of his own at the show, sold all 25 of his pieces.

His artwork is a mixture of abstract paintings with deep texture, and bold dark colors together such as blue and red.

Laurie Scavo, a photographer from Colorado, was impressed by the artwork.

“I had no idea this was here. I’m usually not impressed in first impressions, but I have to say this is nice,” Scavo said.

“My friend told me about this place and I was skeptic at first, but looking at these pieces I see the artists do a really good job,” Scavo said.

Visitor Liset Banks from Rancho Cucamonga stumbled upon the exhibit, and was glad she did.

“I really like some of these pieces, especially the little collections,” she said.

“Some of these paintings are so real, my favorite would have to be R.T. Pece’s work and I will definitely be coming back next year to see this exhibit now that I know where to look.”

The event is hosted by the gallery owners Thorp and Susie Eaton.

The Bunny Gunner art studio hosts a new reception every month, and the “All U Can Eat” is held once a year.

The event is free and open to the public.

There are little shops posted outside the studio and around the area where guests can get food or novelty items as a souvenir for the night.

For more information call 909-868-2808 or visit

Julissa Cardenas can be reached at julissa.cardenas.

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Serving a buffet of affordable art

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