Arabian splendor highlights Formal
Posted March 6, 2009
Sherazad Shaikh
Music from hip hop and rap artists including T-Pain, Keri Hilson and Pitbull bring Pei Ting Wu and Ghazi Al Dabbas to the dance floor at the Winter Formal. The event, with an Arabian Nights theme, was held at the Avalon at the Fairplex in Pomona on Feb. 27.

Sher Porter
LV Life Editor

For one night University of La Verne students were able to dress up and dance the night away at the Arabian Nights themed Winter Formal on Feb. 27 at the Avalon at the Fairplex in Pomona.

The round tables on each side of the dance floor were covered with white tablecloths and had candles, balloons, themed pens and genie lamps for centerpieces.

In the middle of the room was the dance floor and the DJ at the top of the dance area.

Naime Laskar and Heather Williams, chairwomen for the Campus Activities Board major events committee, came up with the theme.

“I think we just came up with it on our own,” Williams, a sophomore liberal studies major, said.

Dancers followed the theme by wearing primarily the colors of the evening, gold and red.

“We like the colors of it, the brightness,” Laskar, a junior business administration major, said.

The night started out slow, with only about 15 people there. CAB had been selling presale tickets all month long and sold 215 tickets, so there was no concern about whether people would come.

By the end of the night 250 tickets had been sold.

At about 9:15 p.m. a couple of people were brave enough to step onto the dance floor, but others were still hesitant.

Some were eating the appetizers which consisted of sushi, meatballs, mini calzones, and cheese.

Others ate the strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows that could be dipped into the chocolate fountain.

Everyone else was taking pictures with friends.

Once that was over, and people began to feel the music, more people gathered on the dance floor and were ready to get the night started.

“I’ve been talking to mostly my (Phi Delta Theta Fraternity) bros, but it seems like a mostly cool crowd,” Richard Delgado, junior business administration major, said.

The DJ played various types of music from hip-hop and R&B to salsa to techno.

When Lady Gaga came on, the excitement of the dancers escalated.

“The DJ is pretty good,” Laskar said.

The biggest complaint of the evening was toward the end of the dance when the DJ’s laptop started to freeze and the music would randomly stop.

The dance floor became a roar of “boos” and shouts to get the music going again.

The music would eventually start back up, but after a couple of minutes, the laptop would freeze again.

After it happened a few times, people began to leave.

At midnight, the last shuttle bus arrived and everyone started heading home or to find an after party.

Winter formal is held annually during the spring semester.

Last year it was held at the Sheraton Suites Fairplex in Pomona, but moved to the Avalon because of the location and easy bus access.

“I’m glad they brought it back to the Avalon,” Nicholas Gonzalez, senior psychology major said.

The next CAB event by the major events committee will be commuter day in the spring.

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Arabian splendor hightlights formal

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