Students plan their future at Fair
Posted March 7, 2008
Leah Heagy
La Verne student Huei-Jung Hung stops by the State Board of Equalization booth while at Career Day on Tuesday in Sneaky Park. Among the booths were Chapman University, the Peace Corps, Rialto School District and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Jennifer Kitzmann LV Life Editor

The University of La Verne and the Career Services department had their annual 2008 career and school district fair on Tuesday in Sneaky Park.

The event was called “Don’t Gamble Your Future.”

Students attending the event were given gambling chips to collect at each booth they visited.

The student who visited the most booths and received the most chips would win a prize.

Stephen Cundiff, who is in the work study program in the career center said that the game and collection of chips was a great way for everyone to visit each booth and get information they need about job opportunities and careers.

The fair combined career services and school districts together to provide more information for students in one day.

It also was busier than last year, because more employers participated in the event.

Many child care services, educational programs and teaching programs had booths offering competitive salaries, benefits and opportunities for students that were interested in the field of education.

“I saw a line for the Peace Corps which was really long,” Career Services Administrative Assistant Adae’ze Jackson said.

The Peace Corps was one of the most popular among students.

The history and marketing campaign to get students to volunteer for the Peace Corps was definitely worth inquiring about.

“Many of the people I have worked with in the Peace Corps have many different experiences,” Kevin Elliot, a recruiter for the Peace Corps, said.

“We all have experienced similar challenges and cross culture experiences, even though we worked in different times and places in our lives,” Elliot said.

Elliot has taught in Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and has worked in other parts of the world as a member of the Peace Corps. He also handed out a book to inspire students who were interested in joining the organization.

Students asked tough questions to recruiters and visited many of the booths such as the Claremont Police Department, the Army and the Marines.

“I have always wanted to be a pilot, ever since I was a kid,” biology major Greg Rodriquez said.

Marine recruiter Capt. Sean M. Merlin provided Rodriguez with the proper paperwork to help him on his journey in becoming a pilot.

After Rodriguez finishes his bachelor’s degree at ULV, he will go to officer candidate school for 10 weeks and then go to flight school.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising representative Francesca Hughes answered questions about the future of design.

“FIDM students have a 90 percent job placement rate,” Hughs said. “We have students who have graduated who work on the sets of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “CSI Miami” and designing interiors for fast food chains.”

Hughes also mentioned “Project Runway” star and FIDM graduate Nick Verreos, who is also teaching some classes at FIDM.

International student Christiana Kyratzouli inquired about the ULV College of Law and gathered information on what programs were available.

“The fair is a great way to find out about programs that I never knew existed,” Kyratzouli said.

Another booth was recruiting graduating students who were interested in becoming special agents or criminal investigators.

Recruiters for special agents were encouraging women who were fluent in two or more languages, or who could speak Russian, Spanish or Arabic, to apply.

Students were definitely interested in visiting the career booth that related to their field for information and future planning.

“This is a good way to help students set their priorities for graduation or after graduation,” Program and Admissions Specialist Erma Cross said. “It also helps students get into the industry of their choice and help them take that next step in reaching the next level of success.”

Radio station Jack-FM also had a booth to promote internships and available opportunities.

“We are promoting summer internships and other promos. This event is important to network, get names and numbers in getting to work in the field or department they want,” Jack-FM Promotions Assistant Angie Haro said.

The event was so busy toward the end that many students forgot to turn in their chips for visiting the most booths.

Jennifer Kitzmann can be reached at

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