Students get a ‘Clue’ at CAB’s game night event
Posted March 7, 2008
Troy Doolittle
Students gather at Leo’s Den for Game Night, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board. Trying to tune out the loud singing of Humdingers and the rowdiness of the Cranium players, David Contreras and Claire Boden­hoefer were not rattled and delicately removed and replaced bones from Shrek, in the game Operation. Game Night offered an opportunity to enjoy food and games before going to the comedy show in Founder’s Auditorium.

Although the night was planned with several exciting events on campus, only about 15 students decided to relax in Leo’s Den and play board games.

The Campus Activities Board hosted a game night Feb. 28 where students could eat, play board games and just kick back with friends.

Some of the games that were brought to the event were Life, Clue, Operation Shrek Edition and Cranium.

“It’s a good chance for people to get together and know each other,” senior liberal studies major Claire Bodenhoeffer said.

Bodenhoeffer is also the games and recreation and spirit chairwoman for CAB.
She specifically chose to plan this event because she thought it had a family-like feel to it.

She just wanted everyone to relax and have a fun time together.
“This is something I would do with my family if I was home,” sophomore psychology major Kaitlin Eckert said.

The players seemed to be doing just that.

They were laughing, talking and enjoying the snacks that were provided.
Alicia McGaughey, sophomore psychology and speech communication major, enjoyed playing the game Cranium with her friends.

She said that although Life is her favorite board game, she enjoyed playing Cranium because she likes games that challenge her and allow her to use her brain.

Some were participating in game night in another way. Brent Rawson, a senior history major, was watching the sports games on television rather than participating in the board games.

“I’m watching the game. That’s somewhat related,” Rawson said.
The fact that he did not participate in the games that night does not mean that he is not a fan of board games.

Rawson said he is a fan of both Monopoly and Risk, but to his disappointment neither were present at the event.

Even though there was a small turnout for the event, Bodenhoeffer was pleased with the outcome.

She was hoping more students would be there, but it was in competition with several other events such as the women’s basketball game and the Sister Circle fashion show.

Bodenhoeffer does not plan on this being the last game night she hosts.
Next time she hopes to bring video games to play as well.

“They’re games we usually don’t get to play,” Eckert said.

After students were done playing, most of them headed over to the other CAB event, the comedian Kyle Cease.

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Students get a 'Clue' at CAB's game night event

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