African fashion causes new sensation

Campus Times
March 8, 2002

photo by Tom Galaraga

The African-American Student Alliance "Soul Sensation Fashion" show opened with a tribute to traditional African tribal wear. Later it featured more contemporary fashions. James "JJ" Evans showcased the latest gear from Mr. Raggs Hip-Hop apparel during the first segment of the show.

by Alejandra Molina
Staff Writer

From traditional African garb to hip-hop wear, this unique and trendy fashion was modeled in the first "Soul Sensation Fashion Show," presented by the African American Student Alliance. Since December, members of AASA have been planning this anticipated event.

"We had the right combination of people and teamwork to make it happen," said Keisha Bentley, supervisor of the fashion showcase.

Hosting the showcase were ULV students Tamika Harrison and Clyde Williams.

"The hosts did a really good job; they had great stage chemistry," Bentley said.

Scene one of the showcase displayed African fashion. Models were wrapped in skirts and headscarves; the fabric used to make this clothing was imported from Africa and Senegal.

"The African clothing that was modeled showed the differences and uniqueness that every culture has," said Jaclyn Ly, freshman.

Cayla Carrizal, owner of Funky Thangs, designed the clothing to create a sense of history and authenticity. The fabrics that were displayed had a natural fiber base made from Mud Cloth, Mud Cloth Prints, and silk and cotton brocades, she said.

Hip-hop clothing was modeled during the second scene of the showcase. This hip-hop and trendy fashion can be obtained in Mr. Raggs, the clothing store that sponsored this casual wear.

Formal attire showcased in scene five was sponsored by the clothing store Windsor, which provided some of the trendy clothing.

Not only was the stylish and contemporary clothing showcased, great entertainment was also provided. R&B sensation "Next" made a special appearance to introduce the up and coming hip-hop artist Ramone.

Overall, Bentley believed the fashion show was "successful and well attended" that evening.