Campus Times
March 8, 2002



College units worth little these days

Transfer students are robbed of units, due to the lack of similarities between courses offered at ULV and other institutions.

Wrong heroes being recognized

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of the many pardoned of prior acts due to the tragedies of Sept. 11.


Be sure to stay tuned for this

Ryan MacDonald, editor in chief, forecasts the outcome of the match between Lolita Amy Fisher and former Olympic skater Tonya Harding, on Fox's new show "Celebrity Boxing."

Confusion: To be or not to be... with him?

Jaclyn Roco, entertainment editor, lays out the pros and cons on being single and dating.

Student money should be distributed fairly

Anna Roy, editorial director, relates the importance of attending ASF meetings in order to avoid further unfair distribution of funds.

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