Very little glitz, glam or drama at the Oscars
Posted March 09, 2007

Erin Konrad
Staff Writer

The Oscars used to be the most eagerly anticipated awards show of the year.

However, these days there is no excitement, no fashion disasters and no drama.

All of the enjoyment viewers used to experience has all but dissipated in the overly long telecast.

The only surprises on Feb. 25 came in some of the more minor categories.
The fashion missteps came from virtually unknown actors, and the only truly laugh-worthy moment came via a serenade by three un-nominated comedians.

Alas, the media did not capture the glitz and glamour of Hollywood on this year’s telecast.

The only rumored drama took place off-screen.

An allegedly furious Eddie Murphy left the ceremony early after losing Best Supporting Actor.

On a positive note, host Ellen DeGeneres did successfully pull off one of the most watched nights of television.

With her dry humor and shy affect, she was a welcome reprieve from emcees that seem to insult and denigrate the very people the Oscars are supposed to celebrate.

DeGeneres seems more like us at home than a celebrity in her own right.
She marveled at how nervous all of the nominees must have been and how that one night could really change their lives forever.

Despite every effort by DeGeneres to bring the telecast in at four hours, the pacing of the show still left something to be desired.

The many montages, various tributes to honorees and genres, were way too long.

Although it seemed these sequences were assembled to create an aura of avant-garde, it just felt boring after sitting through the fifth arrangement of why foreign films have helped shape the movie industry.

It may be true, but can we please get back to the winners?

The night’s true winner turned out to be “The Departed,” the Best Picture winner thought to be at a disadvantage for its grisly violence.

The film’s director, the highly acclaimed Martin Scorsese, picked up his first Oscar win after decades of undeserved losses.

While no actors were awarded for the film, it still took top honors.

Perhaps the clearest Cinderella story was Best Supporting Actress winner Jennifer Hudson.

Despite being kicked off “American Idol,” Hudson used her role in “Dreamgirls” to catapult herself to fame.

She was among some of the best-dressed ladies in a beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown.

While on the subject of fashion, other clearly well styled women were Penelope Cruz in Versace, Reese Witherspoon in Nina Ricci, and Best Actress winner Helen Mirren in Christian Lacroix.

For the most part, the actresses were glamorous, and while they didn’t take any risks, they all proved that sexy does not always mean showing a lot of skin.

The highlight of the show for many was when Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly sang a hilarious song about how comedians never win Oscars.

Another notable moment was when “An Inconvenient Truth” won Best Documentary Feature.

Only in the entertainment industry could a former vice president reinvent himself as a filmmaker.

So, although the show was entertaining overall, it was still disappointing that there were not any exciting tidbits to gossip about later.

So without any surprises or spectacles, the world is left wondering – has Hollywood lost its edge?

Erin Konrad can be reached at

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Very little glitz, glam or drama at the Oscars

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