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Gadgets ‘n’ Gear
Posted March 09, 2007
Lauren Pollard
A standard notion between men and women is that men’s fashion is all about comfort and function. While most women put their time and money into accessorizing themselves with purses and shoes, men spend time accessorizing their electronics with ring tones, games, wallpapers and skins. The cell phone is one accessory that never leaves Benny Tehuitzil’s side.

For male students at the University of La Verne, popular trends are all about being comfortable and staying connected.

In an informal survey conducted on campus, results showed that to feel content, guys require flip-flops and an iPod.
Nine out of 10 surveyed admitted that the one must-have piece of technology is their cell phone.

With the technology that is currently available, cell phones aren’t just for making calls and text messaging anymore.

Cell phones can do everything from take pictures and record short videos as well as connect you to the Internet.

“I cannot live without my cell phone in this day and age,” Havi Jogani, a sophomore undeclared major, said.

For some male students, cell phones have also become the most convenient way to listen to music.

“My iPod/phone is reliable,” Jogani added. “I can always count on hearing something good.”

Other popular music devices are mp3 players and streaming radio on laptops or PC’s.

However, an old school favorite remains the stereo.

Although not as portable as an iPod, it is still the most cost-effective music player.

When asked what piece of technology guys couldn’t survive without, more than half noted their computers.

Today’s computers link everyone to each other as well as linking to other popular electronic devices that make life a bit more entertaining.

“I have this Media Center PC that connects to my Direct TV so I can record anything and burn it on DVD,” Adrian Del Haro, a senior criminology major, said. “And it has all kinds of photos and videos…plus it’s super fast.”

Other students were just as quick to point out the many ways that computers make their lives easier.

“My laptop gives me access to whatever I want. I can make music on it, write with it, visit any site,” Michael Frederick, a sophomore theater major, said.

A running theme in guys’ buying habits seems to be the desire to stay in contact with others.

For many, this is achieved through the Internet, or more specifically, MySpace.

“It's hard for me to be around computers all day and not check my MySpace account,” Adam Carranza, a junior speech communications major, said. “I feel connected to the world through MySpace.”

For four of the 10 men, the Internet is their favorite media source.

“It has everything: music, videos, MySpace,” Del Haro said. “You can find things on the Internet you haven't seen since you were, like, 6.”

Other entertainment favorites include television, CDs, mp3s and video games.

Without today’s electronics we would all be out of the loop when it comes to the world of technology and less connected to the rest of the world
When it comes to fashion, guys are all about being comfortable—and they are considerably less picky than women.

Three students cited boxers as their must-have article of clothing.

“I wish I could go commando, but having some nice trunks with various colors brightens up my day and says I have a secret,” Carranza said.

Several other men echoed this sentiment—underwear is the only thing they require in their wardrobes.

But since they do go out in public, a couple of students also expressed their love for flip-flops and board shorts.

“Board shorts [are] super comfortable and can be stylish if you get some cool ones,” Del Haro said.

Board shorts and flip flops exemplify the laid back lifestyle that can be seen typically at the local beaches as well as in the Southern California sense of fashion.

Typically the fashion trends off the runway are intimidating and not as appealing to guys at the University.

So while guys on the ULV campus may not be ready to wear an outfit off the runways in Paris, they do successfully pull off a beachy, So Cal feel.

And with the right technology and attitude, any man can mix surfer attitude with killer electronics.

Erin Konrad can be reached at

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