Students pimp their pods with hippest trends
Posted March 10, 2006

Katie Hillier
Staff Writer

With stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan racing around town with cell phones and iPods connected to their ears, it is obvious that trends in these areas have multiplied tenfold.

Even at the University of La Verne, students can be seen walking around campus displaying recognizable white iPod earphones or flashy RAZR cell phones.

Trends for cell phones and MP3 players are rapidly changing, and each time Apple debuts a new iPod, a new line of hipper accessories follows.

“You buy the iPod and then the next week something newer comes out,” said Ashley Ince, a senior liberal studies major. “Why buy expensive accessories when the next new thing is not going to fit in it?”

It seems that trends in electronics are at a rapid state of change, which makes it difficult for students to stay on the cutting edge.With brands like Kate Spade and Juicy Couture creating cases that range from $58 and higher, it’s no wonder that ULV wallets are feeling the wrath of these trends.

Some newer accessories for cell phones and MP3 players - flashing cell phone batteries, diamond antenna rings and Swarovski crystal appliqués - can be purchased at more affordable prices.

Crystals are the most popular trend among celebrities and trend-setters alike.Prices for real crystals start at about $145, but Motorola and other cell phone brands sell sheets of crystals that individuals can apply themselves for about $13.

“Crystals look cute in pink and other colors,” said Alexis Moreno, a senior psychology and broadcasting major.

Moreno has the new Motorola RAZR cell phone and says she thinks that adding crystals to cell phones is really creative.

Another cool trend that is hitting the cell phone scene is called a “cell catch.”This stylish bracelet connects to your cell phone and alerts you when a call comes in by lighting up, all the while looking cool on your wrist.And with a price tag of only $19.98, this trend is friendly to a person’s wallet.

In terms of iPods, students are more into buying cases for protection rather than for style.

“It’s kind of a necessity so that it doesn’t scratch in my car or my pocket,” said Dustin Offinga, a sophomore legal studies major.

Offinga has the 30-gigabyte video iPod, which he bought because he had many CDs that were hard to keep track of.

Even if iPod or MP3 player cases are made for protection, each can be customized to fit anyone’s original style.

One new trend in cases is the printable tattoos by HP. These are strips of paper in which graphics, pictures or album covers can be printed to reflect a person’s own unique taste.

Today many fashion designers are incorporating iPod attachments into their own designs but some, including German designer Karl Lagerfeild, have taken their obsession to the max.

Recently, Fendi came out with a Lagerfeild-designed purse called the “Juke Box Carrying Case,” which holds 40 iPods.

Although this may seem unrealistic to some, fashion designers are notorious for taking these trends to the extreme.

Along with new trends come new advances in technology.

Apple is rumored to be developing a new iPod video that has a 3.5-inch screen.

As far as cell phones go the sky is the limit.

Recently Motorola introduced the SLVR mobile phone, which plays iTunes and has a sleek, stylish exterior.

According to Ian Linares, a senior business major and CEO of Winvision technology, cell phones will soon allow a person to access pictures, music, phone numbers, video games and movies wirelessly from a computer.

Many accessories may come with new advances in technology, but like all trends, everyone will just have to wait and see.

Katie Hillier can be reached at

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Students pimp their pods with hippest trends

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