Ponytails saddle up for spring
Posted March 10, 2006
Kourtney Brumfield
The versatile ponytail is an appropriate hairstyle for almost every occasion—from a casual day out with friends to a formal dance. Modern ponytails take on many different looks, including elements such as braids or bangs. Women can find a variety of styles to complement their face shapes. Cristina Estrada and Aja Moore incorporate ponytails in their everyday style.

If you have read any fashion magazines or watched any award shows this season, you have probably seen the hairstyle that everyone is wearing: the ponytail.

That’s right, ponytails are back, and they are no longer used for just bad hair days. Hair pulled back from the face is one of spring’s newest trends.

Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Keira Knightley are bringing this trend to the forefront, allowing what used to be a humble ponytail to become a chic and trendy hairdo for women today.

“I love ponytails,” sophomore business administration major Stephanie Guerrero said. “You can wear them for anything. They are fun for the summer and classy at a formal.”

So why the sudden ponytail craze?

From sleek and shiny to high and messy, there are many ways to sweep hair away from your face. The key is that ponytails can be adjusted to accentuate a woman’s features based on her face shape, style and outfit.

“A high sleek pony is perfect for those who have triangle or oval faces,” hairstylist and senior international business and Japanese major Phanny Lun said. “They are also ideal for cocktail events, especially if you’re wearing a halter.”

The height of this hairstyle can highlight flawless cheekbones and bring immediate attention to the face.

According to hair experts, the key is to brush and pull your hair into a high ponytail positioned at a 45-degree angle from the chin.

“The higher the ponytail and the messier it is, the cuter it becomes,” freshman public relations major Kristina Miller said.

Nevertheless, high ponytails may not be for everyone.

“If you have a round face, you should stick to low ponytails and to the side,” Lun said.

For a formal event, a ponytail can look chic if it is placed low on the head and neatly done. Though it is not as formal as a traditional updo, this style can be incredibly sexy, especially with a backless dress. Keeping ponytails low and slightly messy brings attention to a woman’s sculpted shoulders.

To get this look, first create volume and texture by setting hair in curls. Next, gather hair loosely into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. To complete the look, pull strands of hair from the ponytail to frame your face.

For women with short hair, a messy ponytail may be your answer. Although it may hang loose or long to one side, it is a graceful style that adds elegance.

Besides wearing your ponytail high or low, there are now many different styles for this huge hair trend. Today, women refer to their ponytails with all sorts of names.

There is the “playful perky pony,” which is teased to give hair lots of volume. The “mid-level pony,” which is more California surfer chic than Hollywood glam. In addition, the “wavy pony” consists of sultry curls, which exudes a romantic look.

The “pouffy pompadour” is another ponytail hairstyle catching on with many ULV women and can be spotted daily.

It is a bump of hair located on the top of the head that is tapered down with bobby pins – think Gwen Stefani. This sleek and sexy style has been known to highlight Stefani’s lipstick and give her an overall fresh look.

Women are copying this look because it gives lots of height and it is easy to create.

No matter what the style or trend, ponytails cannot be created without their best friend, Goody “Ouchless” elastics. They are approximately $3 and are available at drugstores.

“Personally, a ponytail to me is the greatest discovery after dancing,” senior philosophy major Gwen Franco said.

Kristen Chocek can be reached at kristenchocek@ aol.com.

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