New chef brings noticeable change
Posted March 13, 2009
Stephanie Arellanes
Sodexo Dining Services has brought a new Executive Chef to the Davenport Dining Hall, Michael Gove. Gove has worked at numerous venues, including La Mascota Café and Bakery in Los Angeles, the Disneyland Commissary, the Executive Dining Room in Anaheim, and more recently University of California Irvine. Gove said he enjoys working at colleges the best.

A new chef has joined the University of La Verne staff. Michael Gove has recently accepted the position as the University’s new executive chef, after becoming a member of the Sodexo team.

Gove said he loves working at the University.

“I used to work at UC Irvine and I tried to start up my own catering business but economic times were tough. University dining is just a fun environment to be in,” Gove said.

Gove has served in a number of different communities.

Gove has worked for such places like the La Mascota Café and Bakery in Los Angeles, the Disneyland Commissary and Executive Dining Room in Anaheim.

He is pleased to be back at a university, working in an environment that he is most familiar with, Gove said.

“Of all the jobs I worked in, working on a college campus is most satisfying,” Gove said.

“Every year I get older, but students stay the same age. It keeps me young.”

Justin McGruder, general manager of Sodexo Campus Restaurants, is content that he made a good choice hiring Gove.

“We held multiple interviews with several candidates where we held four hour tastings. (Gove) interviewed well, he’s familiar with these types of operations,” McGruder said.

“The panel agreed that he stood out,” McGruder said.

“Shortly after that we offered him the position, which he accepted.”

“I worked with the last chef very closely so I knew his level of commitment, and even though I haven’t met the new chef, you can tell he’s working hard,” Matt White, a senior public administration major said.

Gove spends most of his time cooking for Davenport’s Global Entrees section.

This section is where he displays his culinary specialties.

Students have noticed the change in Davenport’s selection of food.

“I definitely see a change in the food and I love how they’re adding smaller details. It’s making a difference,” Natalie Arizmendi, junior sociology major said.

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