‘Monologues’ return to ULV stage
Posted March 14, 2008
Seanette Garcia
Sophomore Jennifer Baca showed her support for V-Day with her monologue, “The Flood,” as part of Eve Ensler’s Obie Award winning play “The Vagina Monologues” on March 7. Director Alisha Allred presented this piece as her first major production at the University of La Verne. This is the third year the play has been performed at ULV.

Jaclyn Mittman
Staff Writer

If your vagina could speak, what would it say?

“The Vagina Monologues,” directed by Alisha Allred, celebrated the third annual V-Day performance at University of La Verne and the 10th anniversary of the V-Day campaign March 7.

Those in the audience came to support the students in the performance, as well as to support the charity through the department. Almost every seat in the auditorium was filled.

ULV’s V-Day makes positive changes in the community and the campus.

A black background with large red letters reading “V-Day 1({})” remained as the set throughout the entire performance.

The audience laughed throughout the production, until they were saddened by the harsh truth of facts on domestic violence and genital mutilation of women around the world.

The production opened with a dance routine and also ended with the performers dancing to Christina Aguilera’s song “Fighter.”

Questions such as, “What would your vagina wear?” and “How does your vagina feel?” were asked to performers throughout the production and only kept the audience laughing by their responses.

“It was a lot of fun to be a part of this, especially knowing it was for a good cause,” Sami Cacchione, sophomore, who performed “My Short Skirt” said.

The money raised from admission for the production will be used toward Women in Need of Growing Strong, or WINGS, a shelter and 24-hour hotline program to help female victims of domestic violence.

Additionally, the David and Margaret Home, a shelter for children and families, and V to the 10, a celebration of V-Day’s 10th anniversary at the New Orleans Arena on Apr. 11 and Apr. 12 will also benefit from the donations.

There were also buttons with messages empowering women being sold at the ticket booth in order to help raise more money.

Money raised from the sales will be used to help subsidize the cost of a trip to New Orleans to join the SUPERLOVE team in order to have as much representation from ULV as possible.

“It was great to see the men’s reactions from the performance,” Victoria Elias, Cal Poly Pomona sophomore and economics major said.

“It was really funny because they looked so stunned and clueless,” Elias said.

Toward the end of the performance a speech was given stating that the purpose of V-Day is to inform the community and help “end violence against women, once and for all.”

The production ended with audience participation.

First the audience was asked to stand if they had actually experienced domestic violence or rape.

The audience was then asked to stand if they knew any one who had been abused or raped.

Following this, the audience was asked to stand if they were going to stop the violence.

At this point the entire audience was up out of their seats and applauding those who courageously stood before them.

The audience eagerly applauded at the end of the performance and gave shout outs to the individuals they knew in the play.

“Although I have a novice understanding of vaginas, I really enjoyed the performance,” Jack Cunningham, senior and political science major, said.

“I enjoyed it so much, I came twice,” said Cunningham.

“The Vagina Monologues” was also performed on Saturday. It had just as good of a turnout as opening night.

This production followed “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer,” which was performed earlier that day and on March 6.

Jaclyn Mittman can be reached at jmittman@ulv.edu

Katherine Hillier can be reached at khillier@ulv.edu.

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