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March 15, 2002

photo by Peter Schupmann

Angela Perry and Pure Soul and Live Music Sounds get the crowd moving at GospelFest on Friday night at the Dailey Theatre. Perry is a junior marketing major and music minor. She is also the secretary and treasurer for Prism, a student-run poetry and literature group. She is seen here performing to live music and getting the crowd excited.

PianoFest trio plays its way into ULV

Reed Gratz joins Andrew Ford and Bob Dominguez to form a magnificent jazz trio.

Movie Review: 'Soldiers' head into inner hearts

"We Were Soldiers" tells the story of soldiers that died on the battlefield and the families they left behind.

Music Review: Morissette sweeps her rage away

Alanis Morissette should require all of her future companions to listen to her later album "Under Rug Swept."

Weinstein shows off his treasure exhibit

A walk through the Irene Carlson photo gallery has quickly become a trip through American culture.

'Horizon' portrays reality

"Horizon Line," one of the series of plays sponsored by the Institute for Multicultural Research and Campus Diversity, addressed the subject of hate crime.

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