Parking law is anti-student
Posted March 16, 2007

It is five minutes after 10 a.m. and you, along with 20 other drivers, have circled through every La Verne parking lot at least twice and there is not a parking space in sight.

You are already late for class so you decide to run the risk of parking in a 90-minute spot along the street even thought your class runs for two hours.

“It’s only an extra 20 minutes, there is no way I’ll get a ticket,” you tell yourself.

Your stomach is uneasy as you lock your doors and sprint to your class across campus. After class you walk quickly across campus for fear of taking too long to get back to your vehicle.

As you inch toward your front windshield you see it. That piece of paper that you were dreading, just sitting there tucked beneath the windshield wiper, staring back at you.

Your head starts spinning and you see an LVPD officer in your mind laughing like one of the villains from a Disney movie.

OK, this may not have happened to you exactly but this or something similar probably has or will happen soon.

Parking at the University of La Verne is horrendous. Now some of you may think that horrendous is too strong of a word but that just means that you are one of the few that have managed to avoid a $30 parking ticket.

Thirty dollars may not seem like much money, but when you are paying $30,000 a year to go to school, every penny counts.

Students who live on campus used to have the advantage over the commuters, once they find a good parking spot they are very reluctant to give it up.

Well for all of you bitter commuters out there, here is something to make you feel better.

From now on, residents of La Verne and ULV on-campus students are going to be under strict surveillance in regards to parking.

The city of La Verne has always had a “no tolerance” law for overnight parking on the streets.

But now, lucky for us, they are beefing up enforcement. Previously, a staffing shortage made overnight parking difficult to monitor. But city officials recently announced that a small army of rent-a-cops will monitor overnight parking and hand out tickets.

Because this is a completely ridiculous law, the Campus Times has a few questions about it:

If the city is so worried about people parking in the street over night, why aren’t there “no overnight parking” signs everywhere? Let’s be honest, the tiny postings at the entrances to the city aren’t cutting it. Who cares if La Verne is in accordance with some law that says you only have to post signs at the city limit? Do us all a favor and install a few signs where we’ll actually see them.

Is it really for our safety that we aren’t permitted to park on the street? If it was a safety issue and not about the money collected from tickets there would be more signs posted. Plus, with the parking restrictions not being enforced, La Verne has remained a pretty safe city. No major gang activity has resulted from a few cars being left on the street overnight.
Where does all the parking ticket money go? It is interesting to see the LVPD motorcycle cops ride around on those new BMW bikes.

Let’s just say that the city of La Verne has become a little overzealous in its issuing of parking tickets. It has already been and will continue to be an uphill battle for the students (not to mention faculty and staff) of La Verne. What we at the Campus Times do not understand is why the city keeps making it more and more difficult for members of the ULV family to live and work in this area.

For a city that depends on the existence of this University, you would think it would not want to bite the hand that feeds it. But this city hall-sponsored racket is doing exactly that.

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Parking law is anti-student

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