Dancers enjoy sober St. Paddy's day
Posted March 20, 2009
Stephanie Arellanes
DJ Alanzo Moreno provided the music at the St. Patrick’s Day Dance, hosted by the Residence Hall Association Tuesday. Moreno is hired for most RHA dances.

Diane Scott
Editorial Director

The Residence Housing Association’s St. Patrick’s Day dance on Tuesday was a success with students from all over campus arriving at Davenport in the evening.

The event, organized by sophomore international business and language major Riddhi Dhruv, was the first St. Patrick’s Day dance to be organized by the RHA at the University of La Verne.

Dhruv said that everyone in RHA pulled together to make the dance possible by each member of the organization having a small job to do.

“I decided to organize it because I knew the end results would be good and I want everyone here to enjoy their time on campus,” Dhruv said.

The DJ at the event, Alanzo Moreno, played songs by artists such as Lady GaGa and Beyonce, and many students challenged each other to games of lemonade pong.

Many students liked the DJ and Dhruv said she chose him because he DJs for a lot of RHA events and she likes his music.

Roddy Cobb Jr, a junior psychology major, said he also thought the DJ played really good music and the overall event was a good idea.

“I think this is really good for people who do not drink, it gives them an alternative for having a good time. There are not often parties on campus, you have to drive to most places to party,” Cobb said.

Even with the competition of the intramural basketball games and the traditional pub celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, there was still a good turn out with about 50 people checking in and out of the event.

While a lot of people only stayed for a short period of time, others like Corbin Henault, a sophomore athletics training major, showed their support for RHA and stayed for the entire event.

“This is a really ambitious idea and I like how they have taken aspects of college life, like beer pong, and put it in. I wish it was a bit bigger, but it is not the best night for a school event,” Henault said.

Jodi Baldridge, a junior history major, who is the historian for RHA, was pleased at the success of the dance.

“It is a really fun event and we have not had a dance for St. Patrick’s Day before. I think there’s been a really good turn out for the dance,” Baldridge said.

Danielle Strachan, a junior chemistry major and fund-raising chair for RHA, anticipated that most people would arrive at about 10:30 p.m.

“I’m really happy we have a St. Patrick’s Day party, it’s a really nice idea,” Strachan said.

The RHA aims to hold a themed dance every month during Spring Semester, like the Presidential Stars and Stripes dance in January.

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