Campus Times
March 21, 2003

photo by Jennifer Contreras

Sophomore Dwayne Wibeto (No. 9) and freshman Ben Paine (No. 2) block a ball set by Newman University in Friday's match in the Supertents. La Verne took the second game of the four-game match, but ultimately lost to Newman, 3-1.

Heroic ace propels LV over Stritch

The men's volleyball team snaps a three game losing streak.

LV Athletic Hall of Fame expands

Seven new members are elected to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

LV baseball hosts California Classic

The Leopards end the rain-shortened tournament 1-1.

Rodriguez, Cortez claim only Leopard victory

The men's tennis team ends the weekend 0-2 overall.

Tennis drops ball vs. Puget Sound

The women's team offers little resistance to the visitors from Washington.

Leopard Scoreboard

photo by Adam Omernik

Running back Adriana Ramirez looks to make a path through the carnage left by fullback Courtney Mack in the Powder Puff football game last Friday. Julie Kolhof of the black team (left) received a minor injury during the second half of a physical match-up between the white team of sophomores and juniors and the black team of freshman and seniors. The white team won 14-7 in a game where tempers flared and unsportsmanlike conduct presided.